World Autism Conference - Kuwait 2014

Al Faisalya Women Welfare Society in Jeddah, represented by Jeddah Autism Center, participated in the Fourth International Autism Conference convened under the supreme patronage of the Prince of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al-Jaber al-Sabah in 11-13 November 2014 corresponding to 18-20 Moharram 1436 H in the Regency Hotel in Kuwait.
 The Fourth World Autism Organization Conference is considered the biggest autism conference in the Arab world. It is convened every 4 years around the world. More than 25 countries participated in the conference including world lecturers, experts, providers of research posters, and training workshops in several topics such as diagnosis, social communication skills, early intervention programs, behavioral problems, and other scientific and practical topics which serve autistic individuals and their families. 
Jeddah Autism Center participated with a research poster entitled “The Role of a  Teacher in Discovering and Polishing Talents”. Participation of the Center’s employees in morning and evening conference events like open lectures and workshops was to review the latest scientific and world updates in the field of educating and rehabilitating autistic individuals and their families. Jeddah Autism Center also participated in the international exhibition accompanying the conference with a media section including scientific books and educational aids.
It is also worth noting that “Sleysla Center for the Development of Saudi Heritage” participated in the exhibition with distinguished Gulf heritage products. It included a special collection of clothes, various artifacts and handicrafts. Place of the exhibition: Regency Hotel – Exhibition Hall – in front of Fatouh Hall.
  • Times of Conference and Exhibition: from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • The place is not designed for children less than 7 years.
  • Visiting the exhibition is free and available to all.