Autism Friends Group

Volunteer Group of Autism Friends
Jeddah Autism Center established the Volunteer Group of Autism Friends in 2008 with a contribution from a group of voluntary youth who were interested in autism. About 500 individuals (boys and girls) and 100 companies and organizations are now participating in the Group.
It is a charity voluntary group founded to achieve the following objectives:
  • Providing moral support to autistic children and their families.
  • Organizing recreational and cultural activities and events for autistic children.
  • Achieving the principle of social solidarity and interest in all social aspects related to autistic individuals and merging them into the community.
  • Contributing to supporting the autism issue and raising awareness of the community with all possible means.
  • Voluntary participation in autism activities and events.
- The Group participated in organizing several events. The most important events are:
  • The First Scientific Forum for Autism Centers in the Arab world – Chamber of Commerce in 2008.
  • Art Competition (We and the Gulf) – Rosewood Cornice Hotel in 2010.
  • Fourth Gulf Championship for Autism – Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium in 2011.
  • Kingdom Autism Championship - Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium 2013.
  • Vertical Marathon - Rosewood Cornice Hotel in 2013.