Accept the Challenge 4 Event

Al Faisalya Women Welfare Society in Jeddah, represented by Jeddah Autism Center, organized “Accept the Challenge 4 ” Fourth Festival. It was convened on Thursday 27th Zul Qida 1434 H corresponding to 3rd October 2013, from 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. in Al-Andalus Mall, Gate 2.
The festival is considered an annual tradition for Jeddah Autism Center. It aims at confirming that autistic individuals challenge this disorder. The festival also continues to raise awareness of the community towards autism that was classified by the United Nations as the third disorder worldwide. It is also considered a developing world health crisis. Autism requires great support to raise awareness of this neurodevelopmenal disorder as it affects the development of the mind. There is a demand to detect its causes which can not be identified to date.
The fourth festival was implemented this year in a recreational atmosphere. There was a wide participation of several talented Saudis . The media participated in spreading autism awareness and supporting autistic individuals and their families to get more rights and governmental and community support.
There was a variety of recreational parts in which children were given gifts. The festival hosted autistic individuals and their families from autism centers in Mecca Province.
Several national organizations and companies assumed their social responsibility by sponsoring this event. They joined the Volunteer Group of Autism Friends and participated in this special ceremony aiming to achieve autistic individuals’ rights. 
Jeddah Autism Center is proud of its friendship with Safola Group which participated as a principal sponsor of the festival by its supportive efforts to the Center since 2012. Safola Group participates in the field of scholarships and sponsoring sports and culture programs and activities. Saudi Arabian Airlines – Private Passengers Unit also participates and contributes with a special section to introduce special services provided by the airlines to the autistic individuals. Saudi Airlines is distinguished for its services provided for the disabled. For such services, Saudi Airlines gained international appreciation and several world awards for providing services to the disabled. Many passengers praised this category. Furthermore, Different Vision Company contributed by preparing the festival’s brochures.
This year we are proud of supportive partners that joined us such as Commercial Andalus Mall Center, Saadeddin Pastry, and Party Zone. They made humanitarian   and valuable contributions to autistic children and their families.
The Ministry of Social Affairs continues to support these activities through allocating special donations for Jeddah Autism Center to sponsor the programs and activities working with the autistic individuals and helping them to develop their strengths and at the same time confront challenges. By this, they live a life of dignity which is their natural right. 
It is worth mentioning that the Center was established in 1414 H – 1993. It is the pioneer Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was classified as the best Arab center that provides services in sound scientific methodology.  It depended after the help of Allah Almighty on the cooperation of the most important universal expertise specialized in this field. 
The Center introduced the first Arabic organized curriculum based on correct scientific bases and fundamental scientific and educational foundations through its expertise in training. The Center provided all distinguished services to specialists and autistic children’s families. Due to these services, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was considered a pioneering country in the region to handle this disorder and confront its difficulties. The Kingdom also sheds light on the autism disorder, its effect, and the way of dealing with it on the level of cases, families, and community.