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Caravan of Good Will | Jeddah Autism Center

Caravan of Good Will

Caravan of Good Will 
Good Convoy is the first group of pioneer supporters of Jeddah Autism Center whom the Society considers as basic contributors in providing material support and financing educational, rehabilitation programs and activities which have a remarkable role in achieving the Center’s objectives and mission in its first years.
The Center derives its continuity from support and help provided by all types of community categories. It is proud of the Good Convoy group who contributed through their charitable and human support in the progress of the Center, advancing the programs and services, and enforcing the Center’s status and role in servicing autistic individuals and their families.
Good Doors Campaign:
Al Faisalya Women Welfare Society in Jeddah launched a campaign (Good Doors) which coincided with the advent of the gracious month of Ramadan, may Allah bless the Islamic Nation. This affirms the Quranic verse that says “Verily, those who give Sadaqat (i.e. Zakat and alms), men and women, and lend Allah a goodly loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and theirs shall be an honorable good reward (i.e. Paradise).” Surat Al Hadid (Iron): Verse 18.
Objective of the Campaign:
Through the campaign, Al Faisalya Society seeks to reinforce the pleasure of giving  and the enjoyment of helping others. This campaign also aims at helping and supporting its social and economic programs and projects . 
There are Quranic verses and hadith of the Prophet that encourage charity. Charity is the best of works which Allah The Lord Almighty and Exalted likes.
Good Doors:
  • Guardian of a disabled person.
  • Guardian of an orphan.
  • Provide for widows and divorcées.
  • Guardian of prisoners’ families.
  • Provide clothes for orphans and the poor for the two Eids .
  • Guardian of an autistic child.
  • Provide for food baskets to poor families”.
  • Guardian of a university student.
  • Support rehabilitation and training programs for poor and low-income families’ sons and daughters to help them find job opportunities.
  • Support the provision of aids to poor patients and pay for their treatment and surgeries.