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Social Service & Family Counseling | Jeddah Autism Center

Social Service & Family Counseling

Social Service & Family Counseling
First: Introducing the Social Service Department:
The Social Service Department is one of the most important departments in the Center; because it serves as the first step sought by the family when they want to enroll their autistic child in the Center, and it provides  good and clear information about autism and answering most of the questions that worry most families who have autistic children. Also, the department serves a point of contact between the house represented by (the father, mother, siblings, and relatives) and the Center represented by (management, teachers, specialists). This matter requires a collaborative role between the two parties (parents) and (Center), to achieve the desired goals.
Second: Services provided by the Social Service Department:
  1. Teachers' participation in the preparation of appropriate home programs for each student.
  2. Cooperation with the Training Department and Public Relations Department in the preparation of training courses for parents.
  3. The department participates in solving the problems facing families and providing solutions or directing these problems to the competent body.  
  4. Providing families with the information needed about the training program for the student at the Center.
  5. Providing teachers with each student's information with the exception of confidential information.
  6. Supporting the family (parents, siblings) and helping them to overcome the emotional stages resulting from the existence of an autistic child in the family and involving them in the training process for the student at the Center through their attendance for a full school day with the student.
The Center cares for supporting the family and providing it with the proper  advices, and training of family members so that they can complete the Center’s task goals which requires collaboration of all possible efforts. The Center also seeks to raise awareness in the community and defend the rights of autistic children and provide the necessary services through delivering lectures, seminars, training courses and workshops which are concerned with educating teachers and allocating a guidance week to parents in the field of autism.

Third: The most important programs or activities provided by the Social Service and Family Guidance Department:
  1. Attending a full school day.
  2. Training programs for the parents.
  3. Family Guidance Week.
  4. Family supporting programs
  5. Home programs and cooperation in the organization of the home environment.
  6. Providing articles, books and teaching aids.