Center Efforts

Center Efforts
  • The Center’s continual efforts, in coordination and follow up of the Ministry of Social Affairs, competent bodies and the media have contributed to the issuance of the esteemed ministers’ council decision to form a committee that studies autism in all its aspects. This was by virtue of resolution no. 7/880 in 1419 H. Thereafter, the gracious supreme order no. 277 dated 13th Ramadan 1423 H was issued concerning the national project of dealing with the autism and developmental disorders.
  • The Center’s efforts succeeded in gaining support from the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques. King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, May Allah protect him, granted all autistic individuals in Jeddah Autism Center the right  to be referred to the hospital for examination and treatment in the National Guard Hospital.
  • The Center has standardized curriculum for primary and intermediate stages. It also prepared a comprehensive educational program to help Jeddah Autism Center students who are able to complete their studies to pursue public education.
  • In 1423 H, for the first time in the Kingdom, it was agreed with Ministry of Education to grant accredited certificates from the Ministry to Jeddah Autism Center students who passed, Praise be to Allah, the first primary stage at that time, in collaboration with Prince Mohammed Bin Saud Al Kabir schools . These efforts resulted in enrolling more students from Jeddah Autism Center and other centers in public education. Two students continued their high school education .
  • The early intervention programs in Jeddah Autism Center, with the help of Allah Almighty, resulted in enrolling a group of the Center’s students at an early age in public education schools which this helped them adopt with public education students in a short time and improved their daily life skills. 
  • The Center contributed to the national project for awareness and training about autism disability. Custodian of the two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, approved the project in 22 cities in the Kingdom. This was under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Aviation, and General Inspector “May Allah be merciful to him”. Jeddah Autism Center participated with its experiences and specialized cadres in this field in Jeddah during the period from 20 to 25/4/1429 H. 
  • The Center contributed to communication with the media since 1414 H to shed light on autistic individuals’ their sufferings and their parents’ sufferings. This was to direct the public opinion towards awareness and care for autistic individuals in a way that enables them to participate and merge into the community effectively to provide them with an opportunity for self-realization.
  • Through attracting youth (male and female) to support autistic individuals, the Center established the Volunteer Group of Autism Friends in 2008. It is considered the first voluntary group to participate effectively in achieving the following objectives:
    • Providing moral support for autistic individuals and their families.
    • Organizing recreational and cultural activities and events for autistic children.
    • Interest in autistic individuals’ social aspects .
    • Supporting the autism issue with all possible means through raising awareness and   educating about the autism disability. 
    • Volunteering to work in autism activities and events.
    • Joining the Good Convoy, providing material support, financing educational and rehabilitation programs and activities
  • Jeddah Autism Center participated in a committee for studying a proposal about establishing a vocational rehabilitation center for autistic adults over 16 years in Jeddah, with the participation of Saudi Autism Association  Ministry of Social Affairs in Mecca Province, Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and Help Center. The Center was represented by Su’ad Abu Bakr Al Hibshi, deputy manager of educational department and Abeer Abdullah Zeini, head of social service and family guidance department. 
  • Jeddah Autism Center, represented by Abeer Abdullah Zeini, head of social service and family guidance department,was a part of the team of building national strategy for autism, and the specialized Committee for Autism Strategic Plan. It includes applicable initiatives, projects and educational programs for autistic individuals in the Ministry of Education in boys and girls’ sectors. The Ministry of Education formed this committee depending on the recommendations of the meeting convened in Mother of Prince Faisal Autism Center in Riyadh on 9th March 2011. Dr. Khaled Al Sabty, Deputy Minister of Education, attended that meeting. The committee operated from the beginning of the first semester for the academic year 1432 H / 1433 H. The committee submitted its report for the two deputy ministers (males / females) by end of Zul Hija 1432 H.