Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals
The aim of the Center is to help the children achieve independence and facilitate their interactions with their external environment.
The Center provides the best educational programs and services to support and develop the abilities of autistic individuals to enable them to serve themselves, achieve their independence, and affiliate them with the community. It is also keen to provide family support and guidance to autistic individuals’ parents and families and prepare educational cadres specialized in the autism field.
Main Objective
  • To provide a comprehensive educational program to enable the autistic children to reach the maximum of their potential , develop their social and educational abilities taking into consideration the individual differences, and support any talent to establish a future profession and be affiliated with the community.
  • Objectives:
  • To support and assist autistic children’s families by providing specialized training programs to parents and helping the family to overcome the psychological impact.
  • To develop the educational program that includes continual development of students’ abilities and skills.
  • To provide the comprehensive educational environment that helps to raise the levels of education and academic achievement. 
  • To design educational means related to raising autistic individuals’ abilities. 
  • Making opportunities available to learn and practice some kinetic skills according to students’ inclinations and talents.
  • To train people to be specialized autism ,  
  • Raise awareness in the community through different means.